The Peruvian capital is the main industrial and financial center of the country and one of the most important financial centers in Latin America, due to the economic, political and social stability in which it is located. That is why Peru has established itself as one of the countries with the greatest prospects for growth and development according to the Global Competitiveness Report (GCR) issued by the World Economic Forum. Lima is responsible for more than two thirds of the industrial production of Peru and most of its tertiary sector; thanks to this, nowadays, several national and transnational company’s headquarters are appreciated in the city, many of which are in modern buildings built in the main districts of the city.

In terms of development, the city has a Citizen Security Plan 2013-2018, which was prepared by the National System for Citizen Security (SINASEC) of the Ministry of the Interior. In it, strategic guidelines are implemented for the placement of security booths at strategic points, which ensure the integrity and safety of citizens and visitors.